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This blog is maintained by Bela Black who presently resides in the wonderful yet strongly conservative city of Baton Rouge, LA USA. If you’d like to contact me you’ll have to use telepathy or send me an email. I am available for freelance writing, eerie portrait painting, caricatures, horror soundtracks and many many many other things that I can’t remember right now. If you’re feeling brave hit me up on twitter or facebook.

Resources and Inspirations in many formats:

– My kitties (you know who you are)
– My family, friends, enemies and associates – yeah probably you.
– Sharpies, Acrylics and whatever else I might find that makes color magically appear!
– Tea, tons and tons of different types of teas
– Coffee, no not starbucks. The good stuff that isn’t stale or overcooked. I like exotics and if I have to get it from a store, or local market.
– Tyranny, Musicals, laughter, pain, androgyny, smirks
– Thrift Stores, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, H&M, Target
– the color Red
– the color Black
– Indian Food
– tons and tons of sleeping
– last but definitely NOT least – interesting, crazy and fun people who make for a good story.

Baton Rouge, LA - Skyline

Baton Rouge, LA – Skyline