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OMFG WTF Kitty – the Cutest white fluffy Kitten EVER

OMG WTF Drama Kitty – Super cute white, fluffy Kitten

Mortal Kombat – Disco Party

This is one of those images that dyslexic folks shouldn’t look at, which would probably account for 95% of my visitors, so please if you do look, you automatically accept the terms that you can not blame me for any accident or injury occurring as a result of viewing this image. FINISH HER! Best viewed […]

10 things you don’t want to hear your IT admin say

10 – the website, ‘two girls, one cup’ came up on your browsing history, is that a kids site? 9 – I’m sorry but your account has been deactivated, please see your manager. 8 – How did you do that? 7 – I’ll be out for the rest of the week 6 – we found […]