Mortal Kombat – Disco Party

This is one of those images that dyslexic folks shouldn’t look at, which would probably account for 95% of my visitors, so please if you do look, you automatically accept the terms that you can not blame me for any accident or injury occurring as a result of viewing this image. FINISH HER! Best viewed while listening to the sound track of any 90s action movie preferably one including KMFDM.

10 things you don’t want to hear your IT admin say

10 – the website, ‘two girls, one cup’ came up on your browsing history, is that a kids site?

9 – I’m sorry but your account has been deactivated, please see your manager.

8 – How did you do that?

7 – I’ll be out for the rest of the week

6 – we found another zombie on the network and it’s IP matches your computer

5 – the core router is dead and we can’t it replaced until tomorrow

4 – we are performing an emergency maintenance, your email will be back in a few hours

3 – oops, I didn’t mean to press that button

2 – your email to your girlfriend got caught in the spam filter but don’t worry, I unblocked her for you *giggles*

1 – we lost all of your data