The Business of Death

Things are apparently a lot cheaper in the business of death these days, if you know where to look that is… but how often do people plan for these things? I can’t say I have, YET 🙂

Some of us stranger folks have probably already knew about this for years but I know there are a lot of people who probably still have no idea that you can buy a casket at walmart, AND for a lot cheaper! I suppose everything really is cheaper at wal-mart.

Don’t like wal-mart? Well I’ll be damned, they have them on amazon too. HAH!

Personally I plan on being cremated because I don’t want to take up any extra real estate that could be used for a much better purpose. The world is crowded enough honey and my ashes will be just dust in the wind or in an urn on someone’s fireplace mantle.

Death ain’t cheap anyway you turn it, amazon or walmart. These buggers still cost in the thousands of dollars, but I bet they are much cheaper than the funeral home will charge.





Awakening from the past and remembering to breathe

The obstacles set before you are the guiding stones to brace yourself upon only to push you forward or up to the next level of enlightenment or success.

If you forget to breathe then surely you will drown, falling back into the past repeating the cycle you were supposed to grow and learn from. Hold onto the past with positive resonance and embrace the future with gratitude.

Every obstacle is a gift, a challenge to make your mind strong and happy.

Remaining stagnant or loosely behind is easy for anyone to achieve, you must push forward and gain speed. The further you go, the easier it is to press forward.

If you surround yourself with people who are stuck in repetition or not moving at all then surely you will fall into their patterns or not move at all. You have to surround yourself with progression, movement and positivity in order to move forward.