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Monkeys eat Blueberry Jello – mm nom nom

Man Licks womans foot in Whole Foods

Watch out locals, Cambridge Massechusettes is getting pretty freaky! A female patron of Whole Foods located on Alewife Brook Parkway who happened to be wearing high-heels was approached by a man with a rather odd request, he asked to take photos of her feet. After an obvious agreement on the woman’s part the man then […]

Scorpion Vodka & more grotesque delicacies for you weirdos

Geez, some people will eat ANYTHING, some of us unknowingly of course (thank you red, blue & yellow no.5etc) Anyway, check out these babies! They look really cool but I would’t drink teh damned thing, Okay maybe after about 6 Rum & Cokes/Gin & Tonics I’d think about it. Found here ThailandUnique