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This guy is REALLY talented, check him out!

Wow, this guy can catch a laptop with his butt! I didn’t know this was possible. I hope the practice for this doesn’t involve toilet paper or lubrication!

Apple still uses German eh.. engineering… and then some

GUANGZHOU, China — An employee at a factory that makes iPhones in China killed himself after a prototype went missing, and Apple Inc. responded Wednesday by saying its suppliers are required to treat workers with dignity and respect. Sun was responsible for sending iPhone prototypes to Apple, and on July 13 he reported that he […]

Martha Stewart isn’t so bad after all

Check out her new Goth, Halloween Garb!!! I guess spending a few months in Jail has broadened Martha’s market a bit, or she just got mo’ greedy. Either way her new line of goods has increased her cool points with me by at least 50%!