Handmade Clothing Sites with Limited Availability are a Goldmine

Some of my fellow co-workers and friends have recently introduced me to the world of limited order shopping. Some might say this is all in good fun but from a marketing content creator and business owner perspective I see it from a somewhat darker and skeptical point-of-view.

These clothing companies are usually home ran businesses who climbed their way to fame by supposedly making the clothes by hand with their own sweat and blood. This being the case the clothes are in ‘limited supply’ and have special release dates with drooling fans waiting to ‘cart’ a “limited” item within milliseconds.

When the items are actually won or ‘carted’ by some random miracle or black magick then the consumer has a chance of selling the item for sometimes up to a 1000% markup price on ebay or within facebook groups in search of the branded item.

My question is, if the items are ‘handmade’ then why do the tags in these items say ‘made in India’? This type of tagging means that the item is obviously coming from wholesale manufacturers in a third-world market and obviously disproves the business claim of limitations on the ‘limited’ clothing. They aren’t limited, nor are they homemade. So what is the hype?

This type of business is apparently a PR scam to hype up sales and establish a higher demand for the clothing branding. I will admit it is a genius marketing idea but in reality, the consumers are just taking the bait and buying an into an idea that isn’t what it claims to be. Just my two cents…

You can have ANYTHING outsourced for cheaper prices and if it says it on the label then it is staring you in the face. These aren’t limited items, wake up people.


Adsense Alternatives

This has been a struggle I have dealt with over the years and I am certain that I am not alone in this struggle. I have pumped countless traffic to Adsense for many years only to see a minimal turnover with ad revenue so I am turning to find another solution.

At one point I was making up to 30$ per day but this was with lots of tweaking and traffic I had already paid for. There are plenty of ways to game the system and pass traffic through but I’m not looking for a short-term cheat program. I want a long-term solution that is going to pay my bills long term. A residual recurring money making solution.

So this is where I am beginning to turn away from Adsense and try out some other programs. I plan on starting my new ad revenue adventure with a program called Chitika. I have went over some online reviews of this program and so far I have seen promising yet realistic reviews. Over the next three months I will be utilizing their ad program on a few websites and I will post a review when this period is over with reports, so subscribe or stay tuned to this blog if you are curious.


Why I hate Google Analytics

It was recently brought to my attention that unless you have a ‘Premium’ Google Analytics account then the stats only show you an assumed amount of your real traffic.

Analytics literally takes samples of traffic and does not show you the exact amount of traffic you have coming to your website. So for several years I was under the impression that I was getting accurate information.. wow do I feel like an idiot? YES I do and I’m not afraid to admit it. I was fooled by Google.

Some might say, why not just sign up for premium? Oh really? Why not?

Because it is a whopping $150,000 annually. No other options.

I recently moved to a dedicated server and I am waiting for at least 30 days of logs to accumulate so I can show a comparison of the traffic with Webalizer and Awstats vs Google Analytics. Till then, I am relieved in knowing that I really AM getting a decent amount of traffic to the websites I’ve been pushing since 2001.

On top of this I’m still using Adsense, so how accurate is that I wonder? I know I send them lots of traffic but how can I trust the stats for Adsense when the Analytics reports are guestimated? I will be finding an Adsense alternative ASAP!