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This video scares me!

NTAP is great, don’t get me wrong.. but this video is just something else.  (possibly because I find Eminem totally disgusting)

How to use Water as Fuel for your Car – Hydrogen HHO Car

Well we all dream of a ‘better world’. We’ve all seen Mad Max, Waterworld, 1984 and the likes. Hey people – Viva la Revolution! Here it is, yet another alternative energy source. RUN YOUR CAR FROM WATER? IT can’t be you say? Nah. Well here IT is, they say. I don’t have the resource to […]

How to Make Money Using Craigslist and Adsense

This document will provide you with all the means necessary in making money online, literally on the fly. I’m not 100% sure of the ‘legalities or TOS behind this activity but it definitely works. See the link below. How to Make Money Using Craigslist and Adsense