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Misa Electronic Guitar Demo

This is obviously a great start to something really amazing. I want to go to there!

iPod Ghetto Blaster

This thing is pretty cool but I’d love have a better not-so-cheap version of it.  I wouldn’t buy this one because its  so toy-like. The hype that pulled this puppy out should have been moreso considered, the Dynasty Discolite Ultimate Boombox! Just compare the two, its nowhere near the same.  Lasonic’s is a mere novelty […]

slotMusic – Your Favorite Music Delivered via SD Card

Yes, I know we all saw this coming. The streams of data networks aren’t so tangible and … of course they had to come up with something to quench that consumerist fist filling needs. Pretty neat stuff if you ask me! Maybe they’ll start putting the classics in bubble gum machines? Too cute. Visit slotMusic