The Pirate Google

Google droppin more bad ass oracle like madness capabilities on your desktop!

Check it out.  Some genius has created a site dedicated to a custom google search just for torrentz and modeled it after the pirate bay

Aww, see the pirate bay ain’t so bad after all ! 🙂 And the graphic they used ain’t half bad either. Just incase they get ripped a new one, I posted a screen shot.


Yes Left Handed People Rock!

You righties have NO IDEA! Here’s just a few of the wonderful left-handed people that we all are familiar with.

Albert Einstein, Alexander The Great, Ludwig van Beethoven , Julius Caesar , Robert De Nero, George Bush Senior, Bill Clinton, Harry Truman , Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Napoleon , Alessandra Ambrosio , Mozart, MC Escher, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Devinci, Cary Grant; WC Fields; Steve McQueen; Peter Ustinov; Charlie Chaplin and Fred Astaire, Robert Redford; Tom Cruise; Robert De Niro; Sylvester Stalone; Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, Judy Garland; Greta Garbo; Betty Grable; Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts; Nicole Kidman; Emma Thompson and Demi Moore.

From the music industry, famous left handed people are well represented in the shape of: Bob Dylan; Jimi Hendrix; Sir Paul McCartney; Sting; David Bowie; Phil Collins; George Michael; Marshall Mathers – Eminem; Annie Lennox; Celine Dion; Mark Knopfler; Paul Simon and Ringo Starr.

Some more famous left handed people from miscellaneous backgrounds include: Mr Micosoft himself – Bill Gates; J Edgar Hoover – the former Director of the FBI; Mark Twain, HG Wells and Lewis Carroll from the world of literature; and Prince’s Charles and William. First man on the moon: Neil Armstrong and his co-astronaut: Buzz Aldrin; fashion designer: Jean-Paul Gaultier and The Simpsons cartoon creator: Matt Groening are all left handed, as are/were American Presidents: JF Kennedy; Gerald Ford; Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Just to show that not all famous left handed people are, or were known for the all the right reasons, there have been a few bad apples in the shape of Billy the Kid; Jack the Ripper and The Boston Strangler.

Finally some of the most famous left handed people from yesteryear, are without doubt some of the greatest and influential individuals who have ever lived. The likes of Horatio Nelson; Leonardo Da Vinci; Michelangelo; Pablo Picasso; Julius Caesar; Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart; Ludwig Van Beethoven; Winston Churchill; Napoleon Bonaparte – and Josephine; Queen Victoria; Alexander the Great; Joan of Arc; Marie Curie and last but certainly not least, Albert Einstein. They all had one predominant feature in common with each other – they were all left handed! It is worth noting that Einstein learned to speak late, had problems in almost every subject in school and was frequently labeled as being backwards! So there is certainly no need for any left-hander to have an inferiority complex!

So take that righties, take that!

iPod Ghetto Blaster

This thing is pretty cool but I’d love have a better not-so-cheap version of it.  I wouldn’t buy this one because its  so toy-like. The hype that pulled this puppy out should have been moreso considered, the Dynasty Discolite Ultimate Boombox! Just compare the two, its nowhere near the same.  Lasonic’s is a mere novelty in comparison.

Lasonic iPod Boombox

Original Dynasty Discolite Boombox