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The Pirate Google

Google droppin more bad ass oracle like madness capabilities on your desktop! Check it out.  Some genius has created a site dedicated to a custom google search just for torrentz and modeled it after the pirate bay Aww, see the pirate bay ain’t so bad after all ! 🙂 And the graphic they used […]

Yes Left Handed People Rock!

You righties have NO IDEA! Here’s just a few of the wonderful left-handed people that we all are familiar with. Albert Einstein, Alexander The Great, Ludwig van Beethoven , Julius Caesar , Robert De Nero, George Bush Senior, Bill Clinton, Harry Truman , Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Napoleon , Alessandra Ambrosio , Mozart, MC Escher, […]

iPod Ghetto Blaster

This thing is pretty cool but I’d love have a better not-so-cheap version of it.  I wouldn’t buy this one because its  so toy-like. The hype that pulled this puppy out should have been moreso considered, the Dynasty Discolite Ultimate Boombox! Just compare the two, its nowhere near the same.  Lasonic’s is a mere novelty […]