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Adsense Alternatives

This has been a struggle I have dealt with over the years and I am certain that I am not alone in this struggle. I have pumped countless traffic to Adsense for many years only to see a minimal turnover with ad revenue so I am turning to find another solution. At one point I […]

The Two-Tailed Mermaid Gutterfish

Once upon a time I knew this two-tailed cunt named Mary. She was always blabbering off at the mouth about her thoughts and how she couldn’t put things together because her logic was incomplete. She compared things one way or another that somehow overlapped and couldn’t stick with one solid idea. One day Mary was […]

10 Signs you’re an Idiot in 2008

10. You like or wear ‘garden shoes’ or ‘sloggers’ because you think they are in style for any reason. Face it, these things are HIDEOUS! 9. You think anything that you can plug into a USB port is ‘cool’ Example A- USB Ferris Wheel Example B – USB Owl Example C – USB Pop-Up Pirate […]