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Happy Halloween Ghouls and Boils!

Hope everyone is ready for halloween! I’ve been preparing for months 8-x I’ve often thought about this over the years – what do people really celebrate on Halloween? Some say the day of the dead, others think it is simply for the kids to have fun ‘trick’o treating.. I personally think it is the time […]

The Business of Death

Things are apparently a lot cheaper in the business of death these days, if you know where to look that is… but how often do people plan for these things? I can’t say I have, YET 🙂 Some of us stranger folks have probably already knew about this for years but I know there are […]

10 Creatively Gruesome ways to Die

1 – If you’re a sword swallower, talented deep-throater or carnival side-show – swallow an Umbrella 2 – Have sex with vegetables, tear the wall of your innards and have oxygen flow through your arteries and into your heart 3 – Getting killed by a Vending Machine; (damn I’m lucky to be alive) – Fighting […]