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Awakening from the past and remembering to breathe

The obstacles set before you are the guiding stones to brace yourself upon only to push you forward or up to the next level of enlightenment or success. If you forget to breathe then surely you will drown, falling back into the past repeating the cycle you were supposed to grow and learn from. Hold […]

Raleigh – Downtown Apartments and Condos

What a chore. I’ve been looking and scouring through sites trying to find listings for available condos in downtown Raleigh. So far I’ve been able to find the following sites and resources. Before you even get started, if you have a pet you can forget about a condo in Raleigh.  Nonetheless, here is what I […]

The Two-Tailed Mermaid Gutterfish

Once upon a time I knew this two-tailed cunt named Mary. She was always blabbering off at the mouth about her thoughts and how she couldn’t put things together because her logic was incomplete. She compared things one way or another that somehow overlapped and couldn’t stick with one solid idea. One day Mary was […]