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The Business of Death

Things are apparently a lot cheaper in the business of death these days, if you know where to look that is… but how often do people plan for these things? I can’t say I have, YET 🙂 Some of us stranger folks have probably already knew about this for years but I know there are […]

Corporate McNasty AKA McDonalds and Lopez Foods

If  it were possible, I would wish I had never even seen a clown-burger nightmare factory AKA destroyer of children, is it even possible to expel many years of consumed nasty? If there was a god, damn it would be so. McDonalds Lopez Propaganda Yes they feel this video justifies their place in world […]

Squeeze Bacon AKA Pig Slime

Pig Piglet Pork Swine Bacon Ham Riblet Hocks Chops Sausage Souse Fat Back Rinds Cracklins Feet Brains Snouts Pickled Fried BBQ or whatever. Ew, its chopped up minced and just plain mashed up dead pig in a bottle. Further proof that Swedish peoplez love scat and no I ain’t talking about singing. Promotional Video from […]