Peekaru – Baby Sack AKA Scary Parent Freak Gear

This is just another reminder as to why some people shouldn’t breed. What the fuck is this? You put on this suit that allows you to attach a baby to yourself. They are calling it the ‘Baby Snuggie’. It doesn’t seem that BAD really (for weirdos), especially since they already have those baby back-pack thingies … BUT after seeing this photograph I was scarred and felt compelled to share it with the rest of whoever might come across this travesty.+

Peekaru, I have a baby head growing out of my chest!

Look at her eyes, doesn’t she scare you? Why would you want a baby attached to you? What if you had to make a run for it or the baby was a pyromaniac and kept setting you on fire, wouldn’t this be more of a problem then the convenience pretending to be a spider with babies attached to your belly?

Let this be a lesson people, stop breeding if you don’t have the resource or arms to take care of the baby!

Hi, Yes I am a walking

Where does all the plastic go?

As children we have been led to believe that a magical vortex sucks away all of the garbage and takes it away to a land of non-existence. Unfortunately, the vortex is real but it isn’t magical and it doesn’t goto a land of non-existence.

To our surprise or … (reluctancy in finding) not one but two of these vortex have been found to be residing in the Pacific ocean and are now a whopping size that is twice the size of the continental United States.

Yes, two swirling cesspools of GARBAGE, consisting of 90% plastic waste.

source: the independent UK
source: the independent UK

Out of site, out of mind?

That is of course until it comes ‘barfing’ onto shore and/or kills off a major part of the circle of life.

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So, what comes to mind here is ways to eliminate the use or over-usage of plastic.

We’ve all seen these suggestions before but come on people, this is serious.

Here are a few things I’m going to do.

Ways to lower your use of plastic products –

– Purchase beverages, including milk bottled with glass, aluminum or paper.
– Don’t use the plastic baggies they offer when you’re checking out at the store, bring your own re-usable bag or just carry stuff out in a buggy
– Get purchased items such as meat, veggies etc wrapped with wax paper or paper or use re-usable containers
– Do not use plastic forks, plates or cups – use glass, paper or ceramic
– Take your meals in re-usable tupper wear and wash it out, don’t throw it away
– Be concious; when you come across something that is not recyclable or biodegradable, think of an alternate or a different approach