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Peekaru – Baby Sack AKA Scary Parent Freak Gear

This is just another reminder as to why some people shouldn’t breed. What the fuck is this? You put on this suit that allows you to attach a baby to yourself. They are calling it the ‘Baby Snuggie’. It doesn’t seem that BAD really (for weirdos), especially since they already have those baby back-pack thingies […]

Where does all the plastic go?

As children we have been led to believe that a magical vortex sucks away all of the garbage and takes it away to a land of non-existence. Unfortunately, the vortex is real but it isn’t magical and it doesn’t goto a land of non-existence. To our surprise or … (reluctancy in finding) not one but […]

The Pursuit of a NWO, Police State

Recently published yet well known knowledge amongst the ones who pay attention. Great article on – Found here.