Why I hate Google Analytics

It was recently brought to my attention that unless you have a ‘Premium’ Google Analytics account then the stats¬†only show you an assumed amount of your real traffic.

Analytics¬†literally takes samples of traffic and does not show you the exact amount of traffic you have coming to your website. So for several years I was under the impression that I was getting accurate information.. wow do I feel like an idiot? YES I do and I’m not afraid to admit it. I was fooled by Google.

Some might say, why not just sign up for premium? Oh really? Why not?

Because it is a whopping $150,000 annually. No other options.

I recently moved to a dedicated server and I am waiting for at least 30 days of logs to accumulate so I can show a comparison of the traffic with Webalizer and Awstats vs Google Analytics. Till then, I am relieved in knowing that I really AM getting a decent amount of traffic to the websites I’ve been pushing since 2001.

On top of this I’m still using Adsense, so how accurate is that I wonder? I know I send them lots of traffic but how can I trust the stats for Adsense when the Analytics reports are guestimated? I will be finding an Adsense alternative ASAP!