Always Alternative

Always Alternative

Merry Witchmas Tree Decoration Review!

Reviewed on 11th November 2018.

“Rocking around the witchmas tree”

Another gothic decoration for my black Christmas tree. This one is made and sold by Always Alternative.

Hanging on black ribbon this beautiful wooden ornament is painted black with the words “MERRY WITCHMAS” printed in white on the front. There’s also a small silver witches hat charm hanging on the bottom of the ribbon. This ornament is perfect for my personality. I can’t wait to hang it on my tree.

Always Alternative

Always Alternative

Green Butterfly Wing Earrings Review!

Reviewed on 12th November 2018.

“Wings of a butterfly”

“These adorable butterfly wings are sealed in resin and are glittery! They are finished with a matching faceted glass bead.
They're very lightweight so easy to wear.
Please note these are not real butterfly wings”

These gorgeous green butterfly wing earrings by Always Alternative are the prettiest earrings I have ever seen. I was looking for something dainty to wear with a 1940’s style dress and these are going to look fantastic. They are very enchanting and I think they would appeal to fairy fans. The ear wire is made from sterling silver.

Priced at £10!
Ship worldwide from the UK.
Available on Etsy.
Purple wings also available.