Adsense Alternatives

This has been a struggle I have dealt with over the years and I am certain that I am not alone in this struggle. I have pumped countless traffic to Adsense for many years only to see a minimal turnover with ad revenue so I am turning to find another solution.

At one point I was making up to 30$ per day but this was with lots of tweaking and traffic I had already paid for. There are plenty of ways to game the system and pass traffic through but I’m not looking for a short-term cheat program. I want a long-term solution that is going to pay my bills long term. A residual recurring money making solution.

So this is where I am beginning to turn away from Adsense and try out some other programs. I plan on starting my new ad revenue adventure with a program called Chitika. I have went over some online reviews of this program and so far I have seen promising yet realistic reviews. Over the next three months I will be utilizing their ad program on a few websites and I will post a review when this period is over with reports, so subscribe or stay tuned to this blog if you are curious.