The Art of Cult

One of the most astounding feelings I have had is knowing how contribed, selfish and completely fucked up people can be if you challenge their ‘safe mode’. The ideas that turn into patterns or the routine within a group of people’s lives is like a bubble, a shield of ideas upheld to keep them from ‘harm’ or emotional trauma.

Just like any religion or Cult, routine or a ‘family cult’ is a security blanket to keep those happenings of random, uncertainty and ‘control’ in place. This type of behavior I find totally disgusting, especially the hypocrisy of raising a child and knowing what you are doing to mentally fuck them, when you yourself have no enjoyment or clue in life other than the immediate gratification you get moment to moment.The degrees of this type of structure are so broad, I don’t know where to take this, and yes I am pointing fingers. Overall I’m really just tired of society and conventional candy-coated bullshit.

People have children and the routine ‘family cult’ to make their lives fulfilled or some insecure freaks do it to ‘trap’ others off. To me, thats just repeating a viral cycle of pathetic – an attempt to prolong their inferior genetic survival on this stupid planet. And whats so ironic about this is that it is usually the ones who claim to be so self-less. What a bunch of lying, fumbling idiots.

Why not just join the arms of the Christian, Judaist or the likes? Might as well abandon all hope, you’re already a part of a bubbly psychosis. So, Why not expand into the already ‘prepped for brainwashing and smother them with your so-called ‘idealistic thought? You’re already there, you just haven’t took the last step.