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Scorpion Vodka & more grotesque delicacies for you weirdos

Geez, some people will eat ANYTHING, some of us unknowingly of course (thank you red, blue & yellow no.5etc) Anyway, check out these babies! They look really cool but I would’t drink teh damned thing, Okay maybe after about 6 Rum & Cokes/Gin & Tonics I’d think about it. Found here ThailandUnique

Squeeze Bacon AKA Pig Slime

Pig Piglet Pork Swine Bacon Ham Riblet Hocks Chops Sausage Souse Fat Back Rinds Cracklins Feet Brains Snouts Pickled Fried BBQ or whatever. Ew, its chopped up minced and just plain mashed up dead pig in a bottle. Further proof that Swedish peoplez love scat and no I ain’t talking about singing. Promotional Video from […]

The Best Quesadillas Ever

Vegetarian, Crunchy, Sweet, Salty, Cheesy, Gooey goodness. Ok maybe that sounds gross and the use of the word ‘goodness’ in that manner is just annoying. These Quesadillas are made in the traditional style but the twist is use of an Asian sauce. So we’ll just call these guys “G Tso’adillas”. This is something I make […]