Why I hate Google Analytics

It was recently brought to my attention that unless you have a ‘Premium’ Google Analytics account then the stats only show you an assumed amount of your real traffic.

Analytics literally takes samples of traffic and does not show you the exact amount of traffic you have coming to your website. So for several years I was under the impression that I was getting accurate information.. wow do I feel like an idiot? YES I do and I’m not afraid to admit it. I was fooled by Google.

Some might say, why not just sign up for premium? Oh really? Why not?

Because it is a whopping $150,000 annually. No other options.

I recently moved to a dedicated server and I am waiting for at least 30 days of logs to accumulate so I can show a comparison of the traffic with Webalizer and Awstats vs Google Analytics. Till then, I am relieved in knowing that I really AM getting a decent amount of traffic to the websites I’ve been pushing since 2001.

On top of this I’m still using Adsense, so how accurate is that I wonder? I know I send them lots of traffic but how can I trust the stats for Adsense when the Analytics reports are guestimated? I will be finding an Adsense alternative ASAP!


The Pirate Google

Google droppin more bad ass oracle like madness capabilities on your desktop!

Check it out.  Some genius has created a site dedicated to a custom google search just for torrentz and modeled it after the pirate bay


Aww, see the pirate bay ain’t so bad after all ! 🙂 And the graphic they used ain’t half bad either. Just incase they get ripped a new one, I posted a screen shot.


T-Mobile Android G1 – It SUCKS!

I recently wasted about 3 hours of my time watching videos of the t-mobile G1 with Android OS ordering it and sending it back and I’ve still got my fingers crossed for a refund.

I had finally convinced myself it was super cool, the latest & greatest in cell phone technology.

So.. I went ahead and gave it a shot. Yes I compromised my iPhone for this crap. The design of the phone is awkward (especially for us right brained folks), the keyboard sucks, the touch screen sucks, the user functionality is horrid and number one and most importantly – t-mobile’s phone support is the worst tech/billing/account support I have yet to encounter.

If you are considering this phone, you might want to re-consider the pros & cons very carefully.

It is a true icon of media HYPE and the videos you watch are based around very spread out, un-userfriendly widgets.

The G1 should have stayed a prototype for atleast another year. Too soon google, too soon!