Canon Paper Craft – No I’m not getting paid to post this!

This is a really cool fun, time consuming activity. I have been doing it while giving tech support/advice to friends and customers (for some reason my logic works better if I am not focusing directly on the conversation/issue).

Here is the link: Canon Papercraft

So far I have only built the Toucan but there are plenty of weird little creatures, luck charms, architectural objects to choose from.

The Bat Bomb

Bat bombs were tiny incendiary bombs attached to bats developed by the United States during World War II with the hope of attacking mainland Japan.

Bat Bomb

The plan was to release bomb-laden bats at night over Japanese industrial targets. The flying bats would disperse widely, then at dawn they would hide in buildings and shortly thereafter built-in timers would ignite the bombs, causing widespread fires and chaos.

The bat bomb idea was conceived by dental surgeon Lytle S. Adams, who submitted it to the White House in January, 1942, where it was subsequently approved by President Roosevelt. Adams was recruited to research and obtain a suitable supply of bats.

Go Here for More Info on Bat Bombs


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