Immortal Prayers Hand Blended Incense Review!

Immortal Prayers Hand Blended Incense Review!

Reviewed on 25th September 2018.

“Incense of our ancestors”

Immortal Prayers is s UK small business that creates a range of carefully blended incense from a mixture of herbs, resin, gums and bark that are infused with essential oils. This review is based on the Samhain/Halloween Ritual incense blend and is priced at £7.50 a 60ml jar.

This blend contains all of the above with added cinnamon, frankincense, dragons blood, hyssop, sage, orange, vetiver, rosemary and clove. Whilst burning it smells beautiful and very sweet. Long after the burning stop the beautiful aroma remains.

The Samhain incense is designed to be burnt on a charcoal disc. Immortal Prayers is happy to answer any questions you have.

Link to purchase in comments.

Shell and planchette are by The Ravens Nook UK.

My Wonderful iPhone

I’ve spent years searching for the perfect cell phone.  I’ve smashed, dunked and lost many predecessors in my search for the perfect cell phone.

And no… Apple isn’t paying me for this article.

I actually DO love my iPhone.


I’ve heard so many people bashing the iPhone but everyone who actually owns one (that I know), loves it. And I agree there are some less desirable attributes but that comes with ANY relationship.  I’ve basically summed that up to their inability to conceive the idea of spending so much for a ‘cell phone’, their limited knowledge or their inability to utilize all of its wonderful features.

Why do I love my iPhone so much?

1. I can email anyone, anywhere at anytime using any email account I choose.

2. I can google anything anywhere.

3. I get to see my friends wonderful pictures when they call on a full screen.

4. I can customize any ring tone and add it to the contact, which does includes funeral march on my phone – you know who you are ! 🙂

5. 3g apps Rock!

6. The touch screen is fabulous. Demo Here.

7.  I can talk through the included headphones – no need to purchase additional Bluetooth

8.  The tons and tons of endless aps & games I can install, wait I already said that.

9.  Instant youtube access on demand.

10.  I can use it to run the internet through to my laptop.

See for yourself: