The Two-Tailed Mermaid Gutterfish

Once upon a time I knew this two-tailed cunt named Mary. She was always blabbering off at the mouth about her thoughts and how she couldn’t put things together because her logic was incomplete. She compared things one way or another that somehow overlapped and couldn’t stick with one solid idea.

One day Mary was sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for her fins to dry out so she could go to the local bar and get a drink. While she was waiting, a man came up on her and handed her a bottle of rum. He said, “drink this rum and you will be mine until the end of time”. Mary gasped and then cried out “I don’t want to be yours! Get away from me!”, she then grabbed the rum and jumped back into the gutter where the man could not follow. Little did Mary know, this man was really no man but a Djinn in disguise.

The next week, Mary had came back to the same sidewalk to go to the bar again. While she was waiting for her fins to dry, again walked up the Djinn. He approached with his arms crossed over a bottle of rum and his brow was furrowed. “Fish lady” he said, “You drank my  rum and now you are MINE!”. He then proceeded to hand her the new bottle of rum and reached out his hand with the palm up, gesturing for her to reach up and join him.  Mary thought to herself, why not.. I don’t have anything else to do right now. She then proceeded to reach up and grabbed his hand. Upon touching the Djinn’s hand, the skin on his hand began to slowly clam up and became really slimy. “This was definitely not expected, you are a slimy fish lady and you should have stayed in the gutter” the Djinn exclaimed and jerked his hand away.