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MySpace is crap, more proof and how to delete your profile

Alrighty, so I started using myspace back in 2004, 5 years ago … not that long ago but at the time it was practically a new site and not flooded and overloaded with aps, spam and idiots. I have since then deleted my profile due to many factors, including but not limited to drama amongst […]

Tattooing for idiots – WTF?

Check these tools out, they call their selves ‘mutants’. I guess they are right to some degree but last I checked stupid people occupy 85% of the human population and I don’t see them as being any type of exception. Tattoo your eyeball? Yeah you’re smart. Do the world a favor, if your kid/relative/you does […]

10 Signs you’re an Idiot in 2008

10. You like or wear ‘garden shoes’ or ‘sloggers’ because you think they are in style for any reason. Face it, these things are HIDEOUS! 9. You think anything that you can plug into a USB port is ‘cool’ Example A- USB Ferris Wheel Example B – USB Owl Example C – USB Pop-Up Pirate […]