MySpace is crap, more proof and how to delete your profile

Alrighty, so I started using myspace back in 2004, 5 years ago … not that long ago but at the time it was practically a new site and not flooded and overloaded with aps, spam and idiots. I have since then deleted my profile due to many factors, including but not limited to drama amongst ‘once upon a time’ friends I now like to refer to as ‘foot stools’ or ‘stepping stones’. They didn’t know it at the time but my experiences with them were totally fueled by my curiosity in experimentation with social and emotional boundaries.

Nonetheless, that is irrelevant to the topic at hand, MySpace. I came across the following search browsing around for bulk quantities of kapok and ran across the following search string on google – – * see photo


Google has indexed the plethora of idiots linking back to myspace, which puts your profile that accessible just that much closer to the ranks of idiocities.

As I promised, here is how to delete your profile:

1.) Login to the MySpace account that you want to delete (You need to have the password to access and login to the MySpace account that you want to cancel or delete).
2.) After login to MySpace, you will see a few options such as Edit Profile, Account Settings, Add/Edit Photos, Add/Change Videos, Manage Calendar, Manage Blog and Manage Address Book right after the greeting, right beside your photo (or “No Photo” if you haven’t upload any photo).
3.) Click on “Account Settings”.
4.) Click on “Cancel Account, located beside “View My Profile” and “Edit My Profile”.
5.) Goto the email account you used to create the profile and confirm the deletion.

Poof you’re done and safe from the regurgitated over and over lameness.

The only real use for MySpace now is to spam lusers; and not music, even that sucks now unless you’re a sell out luser scene kid 🙂

Tattooing for idiots – WTF?

Check these tools out, they call their selves ‘mutants’. I guess they are right to some degree but last I checked stupid people occupy 85% of the human population and I don’t see them as being any type of exception. Tattoo your eyeball? Yeah you’re smart.
Idiot Eyeball Tattoos

Do the world a favor, if your kid/relative/you does anything like this – save us and eliminate yourselves from the gene pool with a mass suicide or murder

10 Signs you’re an Idiot in 2008

10. You like or wear ‘garden shoes’ or ‘sloggers’ because you think they are in style for any reason.

Face it, these things are HIDEOUS!

9. You think anything that you can plug into a USB port is ‘cool’

Example A- USB Ferris Wheel

Example B – USB Owl

Example C – USB Pop-Up Pirate Hub

8. You use any version of Windows Vista

You LIKE and use any version of Windows Vista

7. You are too stupid to realize the new music genre label hard core is nothing more than a mockery and a way of categorizing really crappy & washed out music

6. You think that global warming isn’t a real problem but a conspiracy thought up by ‘liberals’ to keep you from enjoying your gas guzzling SUV

5. You think your vote actually counts in corporate fascist America

4. You think that either 2008 presidential candidate is actually going to ‘lower taxes’ or stop the ‘war against terror’

3. You don’t know how the voting system actually works, yet you still vote

2. You ONLY take webcam photos or angled ‘myspace’ photos yet don’t understand why no one can stand to be around you for longer than 10 minutes and you label yourself ‘hardcore’ or a ‘scene kid’

1. You’re 30+ years old, you enjoy and let your kids watch Disney movies and you believe that fairytales really do come true!